Getting started

Welcome to API documentation. To integrate the API, you'll need some programming skills. If you’re ready to get started, read on.


For this version of our API we only support JSON. So instead of XML, HTTP POST parameters, or other serialization formats, all POST/PATCH requests require a valid JSON object for the body.


This is the URL you have to request where {app} is the application and {function} the function you want to call.{app}/{funcion}


Most api requests will require authentication of the user account. This is always done through the API key associated with your account. You can find your API Key details in your account.


All the parameters must be encoded and they must be in UTF-8.

Content Type

When you submit a request it's really important to set Content-Type: application/json

Error Handling

Plan to encounter errors of varying degrees. From an invalid request to the rare outage, you'll see the errors appear as an HTTP Response code. 400-series errors (code 400-499) indicate a bad request. Do not retry without fixing this error first. 500-series errors (500-599) indicate a problem on our servers.